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If you can’t be a bridge to connect people, then don’t be a wall to separate them. If you can’t be a light to brighten people’s good deeds then don’t be darkness covering their efforts. If you can’t be water to help people’s crops sprout, then don’t be a pest destroying their crops. If you can’t be a vaccine to give life, don’t be a virus to terminate it. If you can’t be a pencil to write anyone’s happiness, then try to be a nice eraser to remove their sadness. Be better not bitter

Brace yourself for rejection!

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Things change, people change, we lose jobs, we lose friendships. But most importanly we lose ourselves maybe to please others? to keep friendships? maybe people we love?


Nobody said it will be easy, but we need to prepare ourselves more, love ourselves more. Pray more, take yourself out more, I belive if you love you, it will be very hard to stay at a place where you are not wanted.


God has been working on you and me behind the scenes. You have not been recognized and appreciated by many but time for your launching has come. All these old ragged covers that God has put on you when being prepared are being removed and the magnificent you will be displayed and the world will associate itself with you. Arise and shine for your light has come. Isaiah60. Do not forget where God has carried you from. May your new you, your healed you, your successful and prosperous you not forget the goodness of the Lord. May the new you bring glory to God. I will invite you to one of my motivation sessions for you to share your testimony and it will impact many – qoutes!

Gods fingerprints

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I believe that everyone can succeed, but what can we do to achieve success? It’s going to be about starting the day right with God, showing up even when you get discouraged,making calls even when you don’t feel like it, sending emails even when you feel business is slow and so many examples, we have to go out there,trust God,give the best we have got,because no opportunity is offered on a silver platter and even if we get lucky we still have to work,so go out there and create those opportunities you desire. Stay Blessed!

Here are ten signs your personal brand needs attention: Forbes

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People contact you when they see your resume online or find your LinkedIn profile, but they aren’t the people you want to talk to.

When you run into people you know and they ask questions about your life and career, you have to educate them about your actual job. They have the wrong idea about what you do professionally.


Recruiters contact you, but for jobs you aren’t interested in. They never reach out to you about jobs you want.

When someone you know introduces you to someone new, they tend to get your short bio wrong. Their quick introduction is wrong on several key facts.

Your friends and professional contacts send people to you for the wrong reasons. They make introductions on the basis of a flawed understanding of your role and your interests.

People look at your resume and/or LinkedIn profile and tell you “I can’t really tell what you do for a living.”


You find it difficult to describe your work or your career goals in a few words — so it’s no wonder people who encounter you for the first time aren’t sure what you are all about.

When you go to a networking meeting and meet someone new, they tell you what they do for a living and you tell them about yourself. Then they introduce you to a third person, but they botch your introduction completely. That means it’s too confusing!

When you are invited to job interviews, you often find that the interviewer was expecting a very different career history and skill set than the one you showed up with.

When you try to write a one-or-two-sentence bio for yourself, you have trouble doing it. Your personal brand is muddy.


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It is not a new thing when a female will say that she relates less with other females but get along with males.

“I don’t like hanging out with females, they have a lot going on”.  Let’s take this scenario a lady walks in a room, or the watchman says hi to her or even they both meet at a public event and you will see hate amongst them for no good reason.

Reasons why

1. Jealousy

Most women love it when all the attention and time is focused on them, they don’t like it when it comes as half baked. They really get agitated when it’s another female who gets it and prefer a male. It all comes to small stuff like skin color, lipstick color or even how you walk.

2. Competition

Some ladies don’t even know what they want in life; all they think about is why she gets all the credit, why not me? Why does she have to win that I could have done a better job than her and etc?

3. Pride

Some are too proud to even share a sweet with you, they are too insecure about everything, and some can even walk past you for you to notice that they have the best of the best in everything

For women who have been in this type of situation, my advice to you would be to keep it 100, do not fight back because that will make you be like them or worse. Positivity is the main key always, know your path and follow it with all your heart, help if you \can as well, maybe some just have lows self esteem.

Bree Mongina


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Well most of us really dont use our potentials to its maximum, we tend to listen, monitor to see what others are doing and try to copy that. I belive that we all cannot be doctors, pilots or Nganya drivers all together. Everyone has something that acts as a comparison to other people, its upto you to try and figure that out and grow it to something bigger and that you love.
Dont think too much about what someone else does, thinks or has. Ask yourself what is that thing placed in you that is different.

Socially media

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“If it cannot be measured, it has not been done.”
Hallo, social media how are you? morning conversations everyone has, I think everybody checks like all their social media channels just to see what’s new oooopppssssss noone really cares. Most people want to see how many likes they got while they were sleeping,  who told them that they were beautiful, who liked their pictures, who said what about them, then they get this all in their heads and it eats them up. DEPRESSION knocks in because we dont feel appreciated enough, good enough, beautiful enough, rich enough, blessed enough etc. The youth not only feel under pressure, and keep asking and wondering why they are getting ahead in life, why all their friends have it all together and not them.
Socially media is supposed to maybe make us more sociable, interract, network with someone who will help you get ahead in life. Noone really should care what the person on the other end will say, as long as they will hand them that key they are looking for. I believe that all of us have their doors somewhere and all of us has something that only belongs to them.
If you believe in you, work hard for you and think about you. Then and only then you will feel that void of not being the best ever filled. Trust God we all cannot be drivers, pilots, lawyers or doctors, and that there is a good thing. Use it to your advantage that there is only one you out there and you can use that to create something that noone else saw.
Believe in you.

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